RLTurner splash pads are not just inviting alternatives to swimming pools, but also invigorating additions to parks with pre-existing water features, helping to raise revenue and boost attendance. Whether you are working with a clean slate or a bustling venue, a splash pad can work for you.

Splash pads create a destination location. Users will travel to whatever venue simply to enjoy the fun, safe waters of a splash pad. Zero-entry water areas, water slides, and limitless feature possibilities make each RLTurner splash pad unique – adding the possibility of a revenue-earning asset to your park.

Through innovative filtration systems and eco-friendly designs, RLTurner splash pads are easy to maintain and form an inspiring symbiosis with the environment. Splash pads create a place where users want to be, and the environment appreciates.

Splash pads help revitalize city parks, through revenue-making pay-for-play initiatives, and invoking pride amongst community members. Splash pads can be used to bring in diverse communities, and bring added value to communities through their engaging play features, entertaining benefits, and low-cost maintenance.

Some examples of splash pad benefits for parks and communities are:

  • Easy: Simply provide the park and water, we will do the rest.
  • Safe: Providing zero-entry play areas and no standing water, splash pads add a safe and fun water feature to your park or community.
  • Rewarding: Not only for your park or facility, but for your community as well.
  • Sustainable: Utilizing modern filtration systems, water recycling processes, and solar technology, splash pads provide the most efficient play features on the market.
  • Engaging: With exciting colors, inviting play structures, and imaginative possibilities, splash pads promote endless fun for the whole family.
  • Expandable: A splash pad’s simple design and quick construction allow for new pieces to be added easily and efficiently, allowing your splash pad to grow from year to year.
  • Fence Free: A splash pad’s zero-entry play areas and lack of standing water require no fencing, and better yet:  no lifeguards.
  • Interchangeable: Splash pad features can be lifted off their bases and interchanged with other play elements from season to season, giving you a new splash pad layout every year.